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Human Resource Management Certificate

The Certificate in Human Resource Management (HRM) is for degreed professionals interested in how organizations acquire, develop, motivate, and retain human talent. HRM includes staffing, training and development, compensation and benefits, employee relations, and employee safety and health. HR professionals work at all organizational levels and in all sectors and industries of the economy. This work may be done in an organization's HR department, in HRM consulting operations or in firms providing specialized HRM services. Students who complete this certificate program will be better prepared to take the HR certification exams. This program is a combination of online and evening classes.

Certificate in Organizational Leadership

Leadership is difficult. The more you advance, the more you realize this is true. The Certificate in Organizational Leadership is designed to give you an edge. The program provides practical instruction to degreed professionals in leadership roles who understand that the majority of problems they face are people problems. This practical program is designed to provide a tailored menu of critical leadership competencies that provide personal growth, greater interpersonal skills, and a sound foundation for executive decision-making and strategy. The program is available entirely online, in evening classes, or in a blended format.

Certificate in Entrepreneurship 

Entrepreneurs face a common challenge. They have identified a need in the market, and they understand their product or service, but they often do not have the business background to create the systems that will sustain their business over the long term. The Certificate in Entrepreneurship program provides degreed individuals with the tools they need to build their business, whether the goal is to move from idea to proof of concept, expand market share, build their financial acumen, or take an existing business to the next level. The program is available in evening classes or in a blended format. 



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