Frequently Asked Questions


If I’m a returning veteran student, how long will it take for me to receive my VA payment?

If you enroll early, and don’t make any unnecessary changes, you can expect your pay in a timely manner. After the initial VA application process, if you continue in class, your pay will come automatically (after you verify if you are under Chapter 30, Chapter 1606 or Chapter 1607).

As a veteran student am I eligible for Direct Deposit?

As a veteran student you are eligible to receive Direct Deposit under Chapter 30,Chapter 33, Chapter 1606 and Chapter 1607. Chapter 35’ students are not currently eligible for Direct Deposit.

As a veteran student am I eligible for the VA Work Study Program?

You are eligible for the VA Work Study Program if you are attending at least ¾ time. You can check with the Military Services Coordinator for list of places that use VA Work Study students.

As a veteran student am I eligible for Advance Pay?

If you are a new veteran student, you are eligible to apply for Advance Pay. You will need to contact the Military Services Coordinator early in order to meet the time constraints.

When you receive Advance Pay you will be paid for the first partial month and the second full month in the term, then you won’t be paid again until after the third month. The first check comes to the Military Services Coordinator’s Office and she will contact you to let you know it is in. After that your checks will be sent to you (or be put in Direct Deposit, if you are eligible).

After the initial Advance Pay you will have to have more than a 30 day break in enrollment in order to be eligible again.

Does VA pay CSU directly?

The only chapter that will pay CSU directly is the new Post 9/11 GI Bill (Chapter 33), all other chapters pay the veteran student directly (or put it in Direct Deposit, if you are eligible).

How can I get questions answered by the VA directly?

If you go to you can follow the link to “Questions & Answers”.

How can I find out how much money I will receive by using my VA Educational Benefits?

If you go to you can scroll to Education and then scroll to Payments. If you know the chapter you are under, and if you are attending full time, part time, etc., you will be able to find out approximately how much you can expect in VA Educational payments each month.

As a veteran student do I get a COLA each year?

October 1st of each year veteran students will receive a “cost of living” increase in their VA Educational Benefits.

My VA Certifying Official submitted my certification yesterday using VAONCE, I checked today and there is nothing in the computer that shows that I’m enrolled in class.

How long does the process take once the school submits the certification?

Once the CSU’s Veterans Services Coordinator submits your certification on VAONCE it takes several days for the information to get from CSU to Atlanta. Once in Atlanta it has to be checked and that takes time. If you are a continuing student it doesn’t take that long and you should see something in the system by the end of the month you’ve attended, or the first of the following month. Please give it a few days since number of veteran students are increasing and so the work load in Atlanta is increasing. If you are not in the system by the second week you were suppose to verify your enrollment, please contact the Military Services Coordinator by e-mail and let her know about your concern. She will contact Atlanta at that time and get back in touch with you.

Rebekah Davis – Veterans Services CoordinatorPHONE: (843) 863-7050 FAX: (843) 863-7070 Email:

Should I fax documents to Atlanta in order to get served quicker?

Under no circumstances should you fax documents to Atlanta. If you fax documents most likely they will not get to where they need to go. If you feel you need to get something to the VA in Atlanta please contact your Veterans Services Coordinator at CSU.

What is the difference in Tuition Assistance and VA Educational Benefits?

TA or Tuition Assistance is available to military member while in-service. It is available through your base Education Office. You are encouraged to use TA as long as you are in-service. If you make changes in your classes, etc. be sure to let your Education Office know.

You have to apply to use your VA Educational Benefits by going, click on apply and that takes you to VONAPP. Fill out application on line, or visit CSU’s Military Services Office located in Hunter Reception Center. You can also request an application, or Change In Place In Training form by e-mailing . Be sure to include your name, mailing address, VA Chapter and your major.

Can I use my VA Educational Benefits in conjunction with Tuition Assistance?

Yes, you can use your VA Educational Benefits to “top up”, or pay the portion of your bill that Tuition Assistance will not pay. To apply to use Top Up you will need to fill out a VA Form 1990 and at the very top put “Top Up”. You will need to put “applying to use Top Up” in the remarks block. Once your form is complete, make a copy for your files and then mail to Atlanta. Their mailing address is:

Atlanta VA Regional Office P.O. Box 100022 Decatur, GA 30031-7022

Top Up is one program that VA Certifying Officials do not handle. It is between the military student and the Atlanta VA Regional Office.

If I register late how will that affect my VA Educational Benefits payment?

If you register late it will affect when you are paid. Once you are certified by CSU on line it takes a few days for it to show up in Atlanta. If you are in the system already it won’t affect you that much, but if you are a brand new student, or a student transferring in from a state outside of our RPO’s jurisdiction then you will have a wait. If brand new the wait is between 60-90+ days. If you are transferring from out of state (in another RPO region) it won’t take as long, but there will be a wait.

My Dad was in the military, am I eligible for VA Educational Benefits?

If you are a dependent of a veteran you are not eligible for VA Educational Benefits unless he is 100% totally and permanently disabled or deceased from a service related injury, or disease that was incurred or aggravated during active military service.

If veteran is eligible for Chapter 33 VA Educational Benefits he/she may transfer those benefits to spouse or child. If still in-service the veteran would need to get in touch with Finance Office on their military base to complete proper forms.

If I have problems stemming from serving in Iraq or Afghanistan is there somewhere I can go for counseling?

Yes, the Vet Center is set up to help returning service members adjust to being back in the states. Counselors have experienced some of the same things you may have experienced while serving in another country. The Vet Center is located on Rivers Ave. in North Charleston. You can call 843-747-8387 to make an appointment. There is no cost for this service to our veterans who have given so much.

We also have an excellent Counseling Service at CSU located in the Russell West Building. You can call (843)863-8010 and leave a short message along with your name and number, or you can go Counseling services are offered to CSU students at no cost.

Yellow Ribbon

Yellow Ribbon Program

CSU is a Yellow Ribbon Program participant. If you apply to use Chapter 33 VA Educational Benefits you may be eligible to participate in this program

Military Friendly

Military Friendly College

Military Advanced Education (MAE) has selected Charleston Southern University as a top military friendly school and has included CSU on its 2015 MAE Guide to Colleges & Universities list.