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Cadets receive their Dress Blues to wear to classes on Tuesday and Thursday, but wear a business casual attire until their uniform arrives. Once a Cadet contracts with the Air Force they will be issued their ABU's that they can also wear to class.

Physical Training

Physical Training is essential to becoming a good leader and a great Airman in the Air Force. The Air Force and Det722 have high standards of its Cadets and future officers with physical training being one of those.

Physical Training is held four times a week on the track or in the gym. Its times vary by semester and takes Cadets class schedules into consideration so that all Cadets can attend. Physical training sessions are important in preparing Cadets for Field Training, providing a sense of unity within the detachment because you work from day one to the day you commission by your fellow Cadets sides through rigorous work outs or team sports, and provides Cadets with knowledge and confidence about their physical abilities.

Physical Fitness Tests are also a part of the ROTC program and are administered multiple times throughout the semester. The test includes a minute of Air Force push ups, Air Force sit-ups and a 1.5 mile run. To pass, a Cadet must make the minimum score of 75%. By attending physical training sessions Cadets are well prepared for this test by taking part in the Mock Physical Fitness Assessments administered a week to two weeks before the Physical Fitness Test. The assessment will be identical to the test and allows Cadets to see their scores and decide if they want to push for a couple more crunches or cut their run time by a few seconds when they take the test. See Air Force Fitness Test Standards: Males and Females.


Cadets will attend Leadership Laboratory(LLAB) and Field Training Prep(FTP) taught by the senior cadets on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In these classes cadets will put their knowledge to the test in Marching and Advanced Drill, Land Navigation, Warrior Knowledge, Group Leadership projects and Followership.

**Cadets will take the AFOQT their first semester and have the choice to take TBAS if perusing a Pilot career. The AFOQT (Air Force Officer Qualifying Test) can only be taken twice so it is important for future Cadets to study and prepare themselves. You can not contract until you pass.


ROTCMilitary Services

Charleston Southern is recognized as a military friendly school. For more information, visit our on military services web page.

Ticket info. for FCS Playoffs

Ticket info. for FCS Playoffs

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