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Athletic Training


The clinical education component of the Athletic Training Program at Charleston Southern University involves six semesters in which the athletic training students are actively involved with and supervised by certified athletic trainers and other healthcare professionals at CSU, local high schools, sports medicine clinics, general medical facilities and semiprofessional sports teams. During this time, the Athletic Training student will acquire a minimum of 180 hours per semester, in conjunction with each Athletic Training Clinical Practice course. Some clinical rotations will require afternoon, evening, weekend and traveling commitments. In addition, athletic training students may be invited for clinical education experiences prior to or following the academic calendar (preseason and postseason). 

These clinical education experiences will provide each athletic training student with exposure to the active population patient in numerous settings which include men’s and women’s collegiate athletics in the Division I setting, high school athletics, semiprofessional sport teams and patients seen at sports medicine and orthopedic clinics. Athletic training students will also have general medical exposures and surgical observation opportunities. 

Athletic training students will gain valuable interpersonal skills while communicating with patients, certified athletic trainers, other healthcare professionals, coaches and administrators. The purpose of the clinical education component is to provide a broad spectrum of experiences that will ensure the athletic training student is well prepared to enter the field of athletic training.

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