Bridge Summer Academy


When will the Bridge Summer Academy begin?

June 13, 2016

When does the program end?

August 5, 2016

Can I live on campus?

        Yes. Housing and a meal plan are available.

What is the tuition ?

The cost for the Bridge Summer Academy is seven tuition hours. For current tuition rates, contact the Business Office or go to the admissions page.

Does the Summer Bridge Academy have an attendance policy?

Absolutely. We know that, in order to be successful, students MUST attend class. Therefore, Bridge students can only miss six days of class.

What other special requirements are there for Bridge Summer Academy Students?
Bridge Summer Academy students must also meet with their Bridge Advisor twice during the summer, including registering for fall classes.

Why should I attend this academy?

After successful completion of your required Bridge classes, you will enroll as a regular CSU student and go into English 111 OR Math 111/105 in the fall, confident and ready to face the rigor of university coursework.

You must complete your Bridge 099 classes before becoming a regularly admitted CSU student, and THIS academy provides the opportunity to start CSU in the fall with ALL your Bridge requirements behind you. Additionally, your participation in Critical Reading and Study Skills will earn you three general elective credit hours.

What if I fail the class(es)?

You will have to repeat the class(es) in the fall. (Reminder: Bridge students can only take their Bridge classes twice). Your enrollment as a CSU student is contingent upon your successful completion of these courses.

How well do I have to do in the Bridge classes?

Students must make a C or above to pass the 099 class and matriculate to the next level.

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