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The School of Business ministry committee conducts Character Core at Charleston Southern to recognize and thank students who demonstrate positive values and good character.  Each month we focus on a specific “core strength” found in the Character Core program that is used by many firms for organizational development and executive coaching.  These core strengths include things like accountability, respect, patience, thrift, dedication, and honesty—all character traits that are consistent with the way our Christian worldview motivates us to behave at school and on the job.  Please read further to see how this recognition program works.  We thank you for your interest and welcome your participation.


Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate program offers the Bachelor of Business Administration with majors in Accounting, Financial Management, Management and Marketing and emphases in Entrepreneurship, Management, Marketing and the Bachelor of Science in Economics.


Graduate Programs

The Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership degree at Charleston Southern University is taught by full-time School of Business graduate faculty. The MA focuses entirely on cultivating leadership skills for professionals who need to learn how to more effectively manage people in business or government. Special attention is given to critical leadership competencies including personal growth, interpersonal skills, communication, alignment of values, organizational change, and executive decision making. The degree is available entirely online, in evening classes, or in a blended format.

The Master of Business Administration offers emphases in Accounting, Finance, Leadership, Management Information Systems and General Management. Courses are offered in on-campus, online and blended formats.


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