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Graduate Online FAQ 


Q.  Since students can complete the MBA Program completely online, how do we verify the identity of the student? 

A.  Online courses “meet” on Blackboard.  Students are required to log into Blackboard for each course using a secure username and password that only the student knows and has access to.

Q.  How does the University protect my privacy? 

A.  CSU follows the rules and regulations outlined in FERPA.  

All students must complete a Student Information Release Authorization (available on MyCSU) which allows us to discuss your account over the phone with you and/or other designated parties.

Q.  Are there any additional charges required in courses other than the cost of tuition?

A.  There is a cost for books, case studies, and other resources that professors may require.

Some professors elect to use proctoring services such as Proctor U or onsite testing centers.  There is a fee for online proctoring services like Proctor U.  There may be a fee for using offsite testing centers.  More details will be outlined in each professor’s syllabus. 

Q.  How does the course work in online courses compare to course work in residential courses?

A.  As per the SACS policy on credit hours, found in the Academic Catalog, the School of Business ensures that students are challenged whether they choose online or residential courses.  Student learning outcomes are listed on every syllabus and the outcomes are the same for each course section, regardless of whether the course meets online or face to face.

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