Policies & Procedures

2014-2015 Cheerleader Manual

The 2014-2015 Cheerleading squad will be held to high standards. These requirements and expectations set forth by the University are consistent with the University Student Code of Conduct. Your representation of this cheerleading squad is a reflection of the University and all behavior on and off campus must remain consistent with the rules and regulations set forth in the Student Handbook.

Alcohol Policy: Students guilty of alcohol will receive the minimum sanctions as stated below, which automatically apply upon a finding of guilty by a CSU hearing panel or University official. At the discretion of the Dean of Students or the disciplinary committee, additional sanctions may be applied:

1st offense-

Minimum-$250 fine, 10 hours campus service as prescribed by the Dean of Students, Disciplinary probation (one full calendar year), The person found responsible for the violation will not be allowed to represent CSU on the field of play for a term equal to one-fifth (20%) of the season’s schedule. This suspension will be in effect for consecutive games, meets, matches or tournaments. Notification of parents.

2nd offense-

Minimum-$500 fine, disciplinary probation for an indefinite period of time, suspension from residence halls, will be suspended for a term equal to one full season. This suspension will be in effect for consecutive games, meets, matches or tournaments. Notification of parents.

3rd offense-

Suspension from the University or the residence halls for a minimum of one year. Must meet all sanctions and consult with the Dean of Students prior to returning to the University and/or the residence halls.

1st offense-
$250.00 Fine
Disciplinary probation for one full calendar year

2nd offense-
Suspension from the residence halls

Drugs: A student suspected of illegal drug use may be requested to provide a urine and/or hair sample for drug analysis testing. Refusal to supply a urine and/or hair sample will be considered a positive result for drugs. Students knowingly in the presence of any illegal drugs may be suspended or receive a lesser penalty based upon individual circumstances.
Drug Testing

A student suspected of illegal drug use may be requested to submit a drug test. Samples collected for testing may include urine, hair, blood, saliva, fingernails, toenails, or any other acceptable means of testing drugs. Failure to provide the requested sample will be treated as a positive result, and the individual will be immediately suspended.

Students who have been charged with a drug offense under the Student Code of Conduct may be requested to submit to a drug test at any point in the disciplinary process.

Any type of threats to each other will not be tolerated. These include verbal, social media, physical etc. All violations will be handled by the Dean of Students office.

All cheerleaders must have a 2.0 GPA to participate.

Any and all forms of sexual harassment will result in disciplinary action outlined in the student handbook. If you observe any type of sexual misconduct please report to the North Charleston Police department (843-740-2800) or (843-554-5700). After the NCPD has been informed, contact the Dean of Student’s office at (843-863-8008).

Absences: cheerleading is a team sport and thus it is crucial for all members to be at every practice. However, certain absences will be excused. If an athlete must miss a practice, he/she must first talk to the coach and have it excused. Unexcused absences will result in probation and/or sitting out during a game. More than two unexcused absences will result in termination from the team. Excessive Excused absences will also result in potential termination from the team. Cheerleaders must be aware of the time commitment that cheerleading will require when they make the team. Anybody who cannot manage the time of practice and games etc., should not be a part of the cheerleading program. If a cheerleader has an unexcused absence for a practice before a game then he/she will sit out for half of the game. For Excused absences from practices before a game, the cheerleader will be allowed to cheer but may be omitted from group stunts that were choreographed at the missed practice.

Attitude problems will not be tolerated. Disagreements and attitudes toward teammates will be addressed with the coach and will have consequences. Attitudes toward a coach will be addressed by the coach and can result in termination from the team. Termination will be at the discretion of the head coach.

Consequences of tardiness will be at the discretion of the head coach. If late to practice, athlete will have to condition post practice. If a cheerleader is late to a game he/she will have to sit out during the first quarter. If a cheerleader is tardy more than 3 times, he/she will be on probation or have to have an extra practice or have to sit out for part of a game. Excessive tardiness may result in termination from team.

Coaching Expectations and Philosophy:

  • Cheerleaders will abide by the rules and expectations of the school and as stated in the cheerleading handbook
  • Cheerleaders will be ambassadors for themselves, the Cheerleading program and CSU
  • Cheerleaders are expected to be a part of some sort of community outreach
  • Cheerleaders should be AS good if not BETTER cheerleaders when they graduate
  • Cheerleaders will treat their bodies, coaches and teammates with respect at ALL times
  • Cheerleaders must have a good attitude and great teamwork manner
  • Cheerleader must be committed to coming to practices, games and events. Cheerleading must be a priority, just below their individual spiritual life and schoolwork. Absences will be inexcusable unless otherwise excused by the coach
  • Cheerleaders are expected to look like a collegiate cheerleader at school games and events
  • Cheerleaders are expected to know all of their cheers and dances
  • Crowd appeal and sign usage are expected from all CSU cheerleaders
  • Cheerleaders are expected to have a knowledge of the history and traditions at CSU

Cheerleader skill requirements:

  • Precise execution and placement of cheerleading motions
  • Knowledge and correct execution of jumps -toe touch, pike, hurdler, herkie and jump series
  • Excellent crowd appeal
  • Correct knowledge and execution of cheers and dances
  • Must be physically fit to perform the skills required to be a collegiate cheerleader
  • Must have a minimum of standing backhandspring and round off backhandspring series with the potential to learn more (eventual requirement for the team will be standing back tuck and running tucks too)

    As a voluntary participant in the Cheerleading Program at Charleston Southern University, I agree to abide by the Student Code of Conduct and all University policies and procedures outlined in the 2012-2013 Student Handbook: A Guide to Student Life.

    I further agree to participate in a manner consistent with the University’s Mission, Vision and Biblical Core Values. As a Cheerleading participant I acknowledge that I am subject to disciplinary sanctions for violating the student Code of Conduct. This may also include suspension from participation in cheerleading. I also understand there are disciplinary implications for failure to comply with the conduct and behavioral standards as noted in the cheerleader manual.

    I am responsible for all information contained in the 2012-2013 Student Handbook: A Guide to Student Life, available online at http://www.csuniv.edu/docs/StudentHandbook.pdf.