Rentals and Reservations


Recreational Services offers a variety of camping gear/equipment rentals to students, faculty and staff. Please contact Recreational Services for rental information.

The below items are available for rent by CORE, students, faculty or staff members:

Sleeping Bag

  • One-day rate: $6
  • Three-day rate: $10
  • Seven-day rate: $18

Two-Person Tent

  • One-day rate: $8
  • Three-day rate: $14
  • Seven-day rate: $26

Hiking Backpack

  • One-day rate: $7
  • Three-day rate: $10
  • Seven-day rate: $18

Sleeping Pad (Foam)

  • One-day rate: $1
  • Three-day rate: $3
  • Seven-day rate: $5


Camping Equipment:

Rental Policies

This equipment is solely for the Department of Recreation, CORE and current students, faculty and staff at Charleston Southern University.


Rental items must be returned to the Director of Recreational Services between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Late Fees

For each day the equipment is late the renter will be charged 2 times the rental amount for each item. Late fees will accumulate for up to 1 week after the date that the equipment was supposed to be returned. At this time, all late fees will be assessed as well as a replacement fee.

Lost, damaged or stolen gear fees

All rental items must be returned clean and dry. A $20 service charge may be assessed for any items returned wet or dirty. Renters will be held accountable to pay for any repair or replacement cost for any gear that is damaged, destroyed, lost or stolen. Failure to pay late fees, service charges or replacement costs will result in the notification of the Dean of Students.

CSU Student Handbook

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