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M.S. in Organizational Management 


The accelerated Master of Science in Organizational Management (MSOM) program represents a new approach to learning. Our eight-week long courses emphasize critical thinking, problem solving, servant leadership and multi-cultural understanding. Course material stems from today's business thought leaders, and only the most applicable concepts from textbooks are presented. Quizzes and standard question and answer assignments are replaced with case studies and projects that require students to research and apply in order to solve problems. No matter the area of discipline in your undergraduate degree, you can pursue the MSOM with no prerequisite courses. The MSOM degree provides a comprehensive and well-rounded curriculum.



For those interested in a specific focus, the following high-demand concentration areas are available to pursue:



Supply Chain ManagementSupply chain managers are responsible for synchronizing the flow of products, information, and funds between their organizations and both their suppliers and customers in a way that adds value. As logistics and supply chain networks become increasingly complex, with tighter deadlines and greater financial risk from disruption, supply chain professionals can benefit from additional education and credentials to assist them in their current position or to advance their careers. Our Supply Chain Management concentration gives you the higher-order skills and abilities to think in concert about the people, processes, and technologies required for world-class integrated supply chain management.


AnalyticsAnalytics is the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data. Especially valuable in areas rich with recorded information, analytics relies on the simultaneous application of statistics, computer programming and operations research to quantify performance. Firms commonly apply analytics to business data, to describe, predict, and improve performance. Our Analytics concentration immerses students in a comprehensive and applied curriculum exploring the underlying data science, information technology and business of analytics. Graduates will be exceptionally well equipped to harness and communicate the full value of data to the organizations they serve.


Project Management: Project managers are responsible for seeing that an organization's projects successfully achieve the intended purpose and are completed within scope, on time, and on budget. The successful project manager must possess technical skill and knowledge, organizational skill, financial knowledge along with excellent communication and people skills. Corporations rely on project managers to oversee all aspects of a project so that everything flows seamlessly. As more organizations use project-based methods to accomplish tasks, experienced project managers are in high demand. Our Project Management concentration provides a skill set valued by companies in virtually every industry.


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