Faithful Servants

Charleston Southern offers a dynamic outreach ministry to churches and ministry-related organizations called Faithful Servants. You can post church and/or ministry positions, full- or part-time openings and review applicants.

Charleston Southern University seeks to develop students with Christian values who will also have a broad-based liberal arts education. 


Posting Jobs and Internships to CSU Students and Alumni

Post your available positions on BucCareer Network for internships, part-time jobs, full-time jobs and volunteer opportunities.

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  • First-time users, register for an Employer account. You may post a job at the same time.
  • Select either Charleston Southern University Postings or Multi-School Postings and complete the registration form
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Career Expo and Education Fair

Job expos and career fairs can be critical tools for job search success – whether job-seekers use them to get internships or jobs, or use them as a networking tool for future employment. Our Career Expos and Education Fairs are designed to connect you with Charleston Southern University graduates and current students to discuss employment and graduate studies.

We invite you to register to reserve a table for our expos, held each fall and spring. Registration is open to businesses, nonprofits, churches, school districts and graduate schools.

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Applied Learning Experience Internship Program (APPLE)

APPLE is a structured educational program that integrates academic studies with learning through hands-on work experience. The structure is designed to create a win-win experience for businesses and students. The more experience a student gains as an undergraduate, the more prepared he/she will be upon entering the work force.

The internship may be full- or part-time and may be paid or unpaid. This program is supervised by the Career Center director and a program committee. Academic credit is granted to each student successfully completing an approved experience. The internship experience requires 120 hours of supervised work in an approved business or professional work setting. The course is designed to allow the student to focus on important career topics such as organization, culture, decision-making, leadership, values and ethics in the workplace.

Ministry Links & Resources for Students

South Carolina Baptist Convention 
Southern Baptist Convention
Baptist Courier 
Baptist Press News
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
Golden Gate Theological Seminary
Gordon-Cromwell Theological Seminary 
Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary