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Health and Wellness Inspection


Health and Wellness inspections are intended to inspect the cleanliness of CSU housing units. Inspections are designed to identify health and wellness threats and the general condition of dorm rooms. The frequency of room inspections is based upon class standing:

* All Residents are required to have a monthly room inspection.  Follow-ups will be made if necessary.

· Check refrigerators and microwaves for cleanliness
· Check smoke detectors
· Check lights
· Check A/C units
· Check sinks and showers
· Immediate area outside of room should also be clean


Items that are prohibited in dorms will be identified and confiscated. They are listed below:

• Pets
• Hot plates or any open burner device (including cookers, toasters, toaster ovens and grills)
• Guns, metal point darts, knives, or any object that could be used as a weapon
• Electric blankets
• Electric heaters
• Flammables
• Candles or Incense
• Paintball guns

Please feel free to bring:

• Flashlight
• Twin size sheets and bedspread
• Pillow
• Towels and washcloths
• Bath mat
• Alarm clock
• Fire resistant curtains and rod
• Drying rack for clothes
• Broom/dust pan
• Wastebasket
• Iron and portable ironing board
• Stereo and/or TV
• Personal computer
• Airtight containers for snacks
• Low amp. microwave
• Refrigerator (no larger than 3.5 cubic feet)
• First Aid Kit
• Sewing Kit
• Surge Protected Power Strips only - No extension cords