Residence Halls


Residence hall life can be a great part of college life and for building life long friendships, faith and fellowship. 

Russell West (Men and Women):
Russell West has two floors of upperclassmen women’s housing on the first and second floors. The first floor also houses the Security and Housing offices. One hall on the second floor houses Counseling Services and U.S. Air Force ROTC. The third floor houses new-student males. There are also washing and drying machines on the first and third floors. Russell West has two lounges: a social lounge on the third floor and a study lounge on the second floor.

Russell East: Russell East has three floors of freshman females. There are two social lounges located on the second and third floors. There are also two laundry rooms on the first and third floors.

Women’s North and Women’s South: Both of these residence halls house a mix of upperclass, freshmen and transfer females. There are two social lounges on the second and third floors of each residence hall. There are kitchens equipped with sinks and microwaves.  Laundry rooms are on the third floor of these residence halls.

Littlejohn Parlor: Littlejohn Parlor is a large lounge between Women's North and Women's South residence halls.

The Quads: There are three quads that house males. Each quad has a laundry room equipped with washing and drying machines. Quad 2 has two social lounges and an outdoor volleyball court. Quad 1 houses all freshmen, as does the second floor of Quad 2. Quad 2 first floor and Quad 3 house upperclassmen males.


  • Russell East
  • Russell West
  • Women's North
  • Women's South
  • Quad 2



Room Design: Residence Hall rooms are arranged in spacious suites that can accommodate up to five persons.  Each room is joined by a bathroom, wireless internet access and heating and air-conditioning.

Each room has a tiled floor, a window and two closets.  The room is equipped with beds, chairs, desks, double dressers, cable tv connection, wireless internet and window blinds.  The windows are 65.5 inches long and 49.5 inches wide.

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