What is the number to the Business Office?

Our toll free number is 1-866-248-0445 or 843-863-8058.

What are the hours for the cashier window?

Monday - Friday 9:00am-5:00pm the Cashiers window is located in the Hunter Reception Center, view our campus map for details. 

Based on my recent financial aid award letter, it appears that my total costs for the upcoming academic year will not be completely covered by my financial aid award.

What other options are available to pay my balance?

Yes, there are alternative funding sources for students to consider.

Making your monthly payment: Login here online or Students can log into your MyCSU account, select the Student Tab across the top. Select Financial from the left-hand menu and click on the My Payment Plan link. Parents log in through the Parent Link on the Student Accounts webpage (Quicklinks) The My Payment Plan box on the right will allow you to sign-up for a new payment plan and will list any plans you are currently enrolled in. To make a payment: Use the My Payment Plan (MPP) payment option at the top of the page. This will credit your plan accurately and prevent late fees from applying. You may also contact CSU Student Accounts & Loan Office via email atstudentaccounts@csuniv.eduor call toll-free (866) 248-0445 or (843) 863-8058.

PLUS (Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students) This is a loan in the parent's name. The PLUS has a variable interest rate. This loan goes into repayment 60 days after the loan is disbursed. The amount of repayment depends on the total borrowed. For example, minimum repayment on a $4,000 loan is $50 per month. There are no pre-payment penalties. There is a loan application and approval process. If parents are determined to be ineligible for a PLUS Loan, students may be eligible to receive additional Unsubsidized Stafford Loan. The loan amount would be dependent on the student's academic class status. The PLUS Pre qualification Form will determine your initial eligibility prior to completing the PLUS Master Promissory Note.

  • PLUS is offered through the S. C. Loan Corporation. Find out more information online atslc.sc.edu.

Alternative Student Loans Palmetto Assistance Loan (PAL) and/or CitiAssist Loan are available to degree-seeking students who need additional funds to meet the Cost of Attendance. They are only awarded after the student has received a Stafford loan. Students applying for an alternative loan may borrow up to the total budget for the current academic year. These loans are in the student's name and approved based on the borrower's credit and work history. A co- signer may be required when applying for an alternative loan. The interest rates on these loans are variable and most of them go into repayment six months after graduation, withdrawal from CSU, or when a student drops below half-time status.

  • PAL is offered through S. C. Loan Corporation. Find out more information online atslc.sc.edu
  • CitiAssist is offered through CitiBank. Find out more information online atstudentloan.com

Once you have registered for classes, the Student Accounts & Loan Office also accepts payments online at charlestonsouthern.edu.

Can I increase my Stafford Loan?

Students are automatically awarded to their maximum loan eligibility. Stafford loan eligibility is based on hours earned and the student's classification as a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior. For more information on the maximum loan requirements, check the S. C. Loan Corporation web site at slc.sc.edu.

Can I increase on my other loans (i.e. PLUS, PAL, Sallie Mae Signature, CitiAssist)?

Each lender has their maximum loan limits (not to exceed the student's cost of attendance) and criteria for increasing loans. Students should contact their lender directly for more information.

Why do the financial aid awards on my statement not match the financial aid award letter I received?

If you were awarded Federal College Work Study (FCWS), this will not be listed in the financial aid awards on your statement. FCWS must be earned each month by working the required number of hours. This is taxable income; therefore, your net earning will be approximately 94% of your total award. Before you may begin your FCWS position, you are required to complete a Student Employment Contract, which you will receive at the Student Employment Orientation Workshop at the beginning of the semester. You will be given an option to automatically apply your paycheck to your balance. If you choose this option and work your required hours, you may subtract 94% of the FCWS award from the balance shown on your statement. Otherwise, full payment of your remaining balance for the semester is required. Other financial aid awards may not be on your statement due to missing documents needed to complete your financial aid file. These documents are required to confirm your award and disburse the award to your student account. Follow-up letters for these missing documents are sent out bi-monthly. It is important to submit this information no later than 30 days after the start of classes to prevent losing your award, if applicable.

My loans just came through and I have a credit balance. I need my refund check as soon as possible! When can I get it?

Refund checks are processed on a weekly basis. We do our best to make sure each student refund check is processed as soon as possible, however there is no guarantee that every check will be processed. The refund process takes 5 working days, so a credit must exist 5 working days prior to the next refund schedule date in order to be considered for a refund. No refunds will be disbursed until a credit exists on your account! Even if you have been approved for a loan, we cannot give you a check until we receive the funds from the loan corporation. You will be required to show your student ID to pick up your refund.

How do I know when my Refund is ready?

When your refund is being processed your balance on MyCSU (View-Pay my bill) will be zero. Select amount due (even if zero) and your detailed account information will be provided. If you see a transaction line labeled A/R Refund, the date associated with that line will indicate the date your refund is available. Remember eRefund is required, so the money will be direct deposited into your bank account. Make sure you sign up through MyCSU, eRefund - eStatement."

I've been approved for student loans for the entire academic year; can I go ahead and get a refund check for that entire amount now?

No, your loan money will be disbursed accordingly at the beginning of each term. No exceptions will be made.

I am going to be a work-study student, why can't I get a refund now for that award?

Work-study students must work the required hours before receiving any refund check. The purpose of the work-study program is to help pay for your tuition, the majority of students automatically apply their work-study checks to their account. Your work-study wage is taxable. That means if you are awarded $1000.00 as a work study award, after taxes are removed, your award will be around $940.00, please take this into consideration. Once you have worked your required hours and your work-study check produces a credit balance on your account, you may be eligible for a refund.

Can I pay on my account without coming to the cashier window?

Yes, you can pay by credit card online 24 hours a day.We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. If you need assistance with completing online payments, please contact Charleston Southern University's business office at 1-866-248-0445 or 843-863-8058.

Can I get my refund early if I request it?

The Students Accounts office strives to process refunds as quickly as possible and therefore special requests are not granted.

I dropped a couple of classes and now I have a balance, how did that happen?

Your financial aid package is dependent on the amount of hours you are registered for. If you were awarded based on a full-time schedule and you drop down to six hours, you will no longer qualify for full-time financial aid. All awards, loans and charges will be adjusted if appropriate.

I need to get an official copy of my transcript but I have a remaining balance on my account. Can I get a copy of the transcript now and just pay it back later?

No, you must have a zero balance with the school to receive a copy of your transcript. It does not matter if the transcript is for transfer needs or employment purposes. The quickest way to get your transcript processed is to pay the full balance by credit card over the phone so your request can be sent out that day.

When is payment due for my tuition?

All payments are due on the first day of class of each term. If you don't know how much you owe, please go to the Charleston Southern University web site to view the current tuition charges for that term.

Can I make monthly payments on my balance?

Yes, with My Payment Plan

  • The My Payment Plan allows you to pay off your balance in four or five monthly payments (payment options are based on the option you choose)
  • Payment plans are offered for the Fall and Spring semesters of each academic year
  • The enrollment fee of $45/semester is due at the time of enrollment
  • Payment plans do not accrue interest on the account and keep your account in good standing as long as payments are current
  • All balances are due by the end of the semester and cannot be rolled into the next semester. If your Financial Aid is less than the amount of your charges, we have a payment plan that will allow you to pay the remaining balance due in monthly payments
  • All payments are due the first of each month, with a $30 late fee assessed after the fifth
  • Balances are updated directly from your student account. Financial aid or charges will adjust your payment plan balance and payments automatically
  • Work study awards cannot be deducted from payment plan balances up-front, but instead will reduce your balance as your paychecks are applied to your account
  • You can set up your payments to automatically draft from the payment method of your choice

* If signed-up for the 5-month Payment Plan

Making your monthly payment:

  • Students log into your MyCSU account, select the Student Tab across the top
  • Select Financial from the left-hand menu and click on the My Payment Plan link
  • Parents log in through the Parent Link on the Student Accounts webpage
  • The My Payment Plan box on the right will allow you to sign-up for a new payment plan and will list any plans you are currently enrolled in
  • To make a payment: Use the My Payment Plan (MPP) payment option at the top of the page. This will credit your plan accurately and prevent late fees from applying

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