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Margaret Shields, PhD, MS

Assistant Professor of Public Health
Phone: 843-863-7379
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Margaret Shields


Dr. Maggie Shields hails from Washington State where she earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science in Nutrition from Central Washington University and her PhD in Health Promotion and Health Education from the University of Alabama. She has been an assistant professor at Charleston Southern University since 2015. 


Dr. Shields completed her master’s thesis research working with alternative high school students.  This was a nine-month multi-faceted nutrition curriculum that taught the students basic nutrition theory and cooking classes. Her doctoral research was on the college student’s perception of bikeability on the university campus.  Current research includes stress reduction through the use of LEGO and coloring and self-efficacy of current and past roller derby players. Future project goals include further stress reduction research, comparative bikeability across multiple campuses, and research into sustainable food systems.


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Shields, M. (2015). Investigating the campus cycling environment

of a large southeastern university from an ecological perspective (Doctoral dissertation, The University of Alabama TUSCALOOSA).

Professional Service

Dr. Shields has served for three years on the University of Alabama Bike Advisory Group as a researcher and student liaison.  She is currently a member of the Apple Core Team for Charleston Southern University integrating technology into the classroom, serving as chaplain for the CSU Softball team, faculty support for the CSU Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and reviewing new textbooks for Cengage Learning publishers.


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