Conceptual Framework


Embraced within a Christian context that integrates faith in learning, leading and serving, the School of Education's conceptual framework incorporates a shared view of how best to prepare graduates capable of providing quality services to students, schools, families, and communities. This framework is based on theoretical and philosophical underpinnings that inform the unit's daily practice to ensure the preparation and renewal of educators who are committed to educating an increasingly diverse student body to higher academic standards in P-12 schools. At the undergraduate level, the unit provides for an academic and filed-based environment where candidates are prepared for professional practice and leadership in several teaching domains. At the advanced level, programs offer innovative educational opportunities intended to develop ethical and capable scholars and practitioner-leaders who are prepared to collaborate and lead in diverse educational settings.
The School of Education conceptual framework, collaboratively developed, implemented, and revised regularly, embodies the essential elements of our programs and ensures unit coherence. It provides guidance for design, implementation and assessment of all undergraduate and graduate candidates and programs at Charleston Southern University. Our standards, performance indicators, assessments,and benchmarks are predicated on candidate performance expectations that are aligned to state, professional, and national standards and are systematically assessed to gauge candidate, program and unit performance and improvement.
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School of Ed receives national recognition


School of Ed receives national recognition
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