Jeremy Jones (WC Coordinator)

What do you enjoy most about writing centers?

Writing centers give students a place to find their voices. In writing centers, writers try out different approaches and styles, and the feedback provided by tutors gives these writers many options. In this way, writing centers don't narrow a writer's approach; rather, they broaden it. This, then, allows students to choose the best options for their individual voices, assignments, audiences, and arguments. Writing centers create more versatile writers.





Sarrah Strickland

What do you enjoy the most about the Writing Center?

I enjoy what the students who come in have to say. Students often bring in a range of topics from English papers to Kinesiology. While I don't always understand the content being discussed in the paper, I like listening to what the writer has to say about the subject and helping them put their thoughts in to words. I usually learn something new, and the student often feels more secure in the organization of their work.





Ariel Kline

What do you enjoy most about writing centers?

I enjoy that writing centers offer an environment that fosters open communication, where young writers can feel comfortable discussing their work and asking questions. They also provide a learning environment for both the tutor and the writer. Both individuals improve their writing by taking the knowledge learned from each other and applying it to their own work. Writing centers help people become more confident, capable writers.





Melissa Slayton

What do you enjoy most about writing?

Writing gives people an opportunity to express themselves and connect to others. There is nothing I hate more than having a feeling I can't express, or a thought I can't put words to. I believe that the more efficiently you can write, the more you can apply your ideas to your life. While a painter might need dozens of colors for a picture, a writer's tools—such as the ability to write clearly, honestly, and vividly—can be acquired simply by putting in enough time and not giving up.

How to Become a Tutor

The Writing Center employs both Student Tutors and Professional Tutors (tutors with undergraduate degrees or higher).

Any student interested in becoming a tutor should contact Prof. Jeremy Jones (jbjones@csuniv.edu). To qualify, a student must provide a recommendation from an English professor; have an overall GPA of 3.0 (with a 3.5 in English courses); have completed English 111, 112, and either 202, 203, or 204; pass a grammar test; and attend a training seminar.

To apply to be a Professional Tutor, please find the application and criteria here: >Apply here

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