French (minor)


What can the Charleston Southern French program do for you?

  • You can study French on any level from among the 12 courses we offer.
  • You can complete a minor in French (6 courses on any level).
  • You can learn about the French culture.
  • You can participate in a study abroad program to Quebec, Canada, or Paris, France.
  • You can teach English in a French high school for a year.



A minor in French consists of 18 hours.

Advanced placement is normally determined by scores on placement tests administered by the department and must be approved in writing by the department chairperson.

Elementary and Intermediate language courses (100 and 200-level) must be taken in numerical sequence and should be completed by the end of the sophomore year. One hour of laboratory work per week is required in addition to the class sessions for these courses.


* Hours exempted by examination must be made up by higher-level foreign language courses.

Minor Electives (6 hours)

  • Two french electives at the 300 level or above


All students must have at least 125 hours to graduate. Students must meet theResidency Requirements described in this catalog.

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