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The School of Education at Charleston Southern University offers a unique opportunity for undergraduate and graduate education students to teach in Ghana, West Africa. The primary activity of Teaching & Learning in Ghana (TLG) Program is a three-week intensive program of instruction, field visits, cultural activities and teaching experiences in village schools. Participants teach with Ghana teachers, do demonstration lessons and visit sites of historic and cultural significance in Accra, Cape Coast and Kumasi, Ghana's three major cities.

The project is comprised of three phases:

Phase One is a series of pre-departure orientation sessions during which participants are introduced to Ghana, to issues surrounding international travel, and how to have a successful adjustment to life in a developing country.

Phase Two is the major thrust of the project. TLG participants are involved in: (1) a three-day orientation in Accra and Cape Coast; (2) a series of ongoing lectures/seminars on Ghanaian history and culture; (3) teaching with Ghanaian educators in schools in four rural villages; (4) tours and visits to historic and cultural sites; and (5) participation in a variety of Ghanaian cultural activities.

Phase Three is follow-up and dissemination. During the school year, TLG participants will be available to serve as guest presenters in classrooms, church and civic organizations.

A comprehensive program of experiences has been developed to ensure that participants acquire content knowledge and cultural sensitivity related to historic, cultural, economic, political and educational aspects of Ghanaian life. As a result of this experience, TLG participants acquire an understanding of the pivotal role Ghana plays in 21st century West Africa and also develop an awareness of Ghana's significant historic and cultural connections to the state of South Carolina.


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Ghana Links

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