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Akwaaba! (Welcome!) We invite you to browse the lessons on this website and enjoy using them in your classroom. The lessons were developed by the 11 teachers who participated in the USDOE Fulbright-Hays Group Study Abroad Program in Ghana, West Africa, during the summer of 2004. The names of teachers developing the lessons are listed along with their contact information. In the brief description of each lesson, you will find that a recommended grade level is provided. It is anticipated that you will want to adapt these lessons for your particular grade level and content emphasis. The lessons are not designed to be followed in a particular sequence but rather are intended to provide a variety of activities and content to enrich the teaching of multi-cultural concepts, Africa studies or a specific unit on Ghana, West Africa.

Each lesson lists the South Carolina Curriculum Standards that are correlated to the lesson activities. All of the pages can be copied and distributed to students or used as overhead transparences. In several lessons, there are references to photographs which are contained in the Photo Gallery section of this website. You’ll also find pictures among the PowerPoint shows in the Photo Tours section of this site. You are welcome to use these photos in class handouts or incorporate them in class presentations. (Please cite CSU-TLG if you use materials from this website in presentations.)

Also included here, is a 15-day Social Studies/Language Arts unit based on the award-winning adolescent novel The Captive, by Joyce Hansen, set in Ghana in the 1800’s. This unit is correlated to the North Carolina Curriculum Standards but can be easily adapted to standards used elsewhere. This series of lessons includes a variety of activities designed to introduce and enrich student knowledge of Ghana’s historic connection to America through the reading and study of this outstanding work of juvenile fiction

If you are interested in setting up a pen-pal relationship with students in grades K-9, you can contact Mr. Ato Baidoo, headmaster of the school in Ghana where the teachers taught during the summer of 2004. Mr. Baidoo would enjoy hearing from you and is willing to have his students correspond with students in the U.S. If you make the contact, please indicate that you heard about his school from the Charleston Southern University Teaching & Learning in Ghana website.

Mr. Ato Baidoo, Headmaster

Tuwohofo-Holly School

Box AD 240

Cape Coast, Ghana West Africa

Please feel free to contact the teachers who developed these lessons, if you would like additional information about their lessons, their experiences in Ghana, or their availability to speak to your classes or organizations.


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Ghana Links

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