Health Promotion


The mission of the Health Promotion major is to provide students with a foundation of knowledge and skills to excel as prominent health promotion professionals and lead in developing and implementing health promotion strategies that proactively address health challenges, prevent disease and enhance the health and quality of life across the community, while respecting cultural, ethnic, religious, and individual differences and commonalities.

What is Health Promotion?

As a health promotion professional you will plan, implement and evaluate health promotion programs, interventions and strategies, serve as an advocate to support healthy behaviors and healthy environments, and lead in empowering individuals, groups and communities to achieve optimal health, well-being and quality of life.  Your knowledge, expertise and passion will foster positive change among individuals and communities to enhance the opportunity for all to lead a healthy lifestyle through the support, resources and motivation you will provide as a health promotion professional. You will also be an integral piece in building and shaping healthy environments that support the adoption and practice of healthy behaviors. Your positive influence and impact as a health promotion professional will serve in restoring, maintaining and enhancing the health of all.

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Morrow encourages CSU students to be 'ambassadors'


Morrow encourages CSU students to be 'ambassadors'
University Relations | 11.19.2014 »


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