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Paraphrasing - Example 3

Original text:

"The fact was that the proposal the Russians made was not unreasonable and did not amount to a loss to the U.S. or to our NATO allies. On several occasions over the period of the past eighteen months, the President had asked the State Department to reach an agreement with Turkey for the withdrawal of Jupiter missiles in that country. They were clearly obsolete, and our Polaris submarines in the Mediterranean would give Turkey far greater protection."


President Kennedy had been working on removing the "clearly obsolete" Jupiter missiles from Turkey for quite some time. Thus, the Russian proposal was not much of a concession for the US. In addition, the US felt secure in that region because they had Polaris submarines in the Mediterranean.1



No. In addition to the reasons given for it not being plagiarism in example 2, there is another major difference. In this example, the author added a quote into what he/she has paraphrased from Kennedy's book. This is important because when you use distinctive language from a source you must always quote it, even if it is one or two words.


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