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The University Archives is located on the Lower Level of the L. Mendel Rivers Library and is open by appointment only. The library is located next to Lightsey Chapel. See #7 on the campus map.

For further assistance, please contact:

Dr. Enid R. Causey
University Archives
9200 University Boulevard
P.O. Box 118087
Charleston, SC 29423-8087
Phone: (843) 863-7940

Archives Collections

Archives Name and Subject Index

General Records Retention Guidelines

Departmental Files Not Accepted by the CSU University Archives

General Records Retention Guidelines

Records transferable to the CSU University Archives must be five years old or older prior to their transfer. Exceptions to this rule are on-going series indicated by use of an asterisk ( * ) after the title of the record. Please consult the Charleston Southern University Archives' Policy and Procedure for Transfer of University Records [pdf] prior to preparing your offices' files for transfer to the University Archives. PLEASE contact the university archivist BEFORE sending files (other than on-going series) to Archives. Further assistance is available from the University Archives at (843) 863-7940 or

  • Academic Calendars *

  • Accreditation Files
    • Records concerning university, college, school, or academic departmental accreditation. Files may include correspondence, reports, questionnaires, guides, and other related records.

  • Admissions and Recruitment Brochures

  • Annual Reports Files
    • Annual reports of all units of the university

  • Calendar of Events *
    • All units

  • Catalogs *
    • Archives retains two copies of each undergraduate and graduate catalog.

  • Class Schedules Booklets *
    • Archives retains two copies of each combined class schedule.

  • Commencement Programs *
    • Archives retains two copies of each.

  • Committees and Councils Files
    • Records concerning various college, school, and university-wide committees, councils, and task forces. Files may include minutes of meetings, reports, notifications, correspondence, and other pertinent records.

  • Committees Files, Standing Committees
    • Annual reports of all faculty and staff standing committees and their sub-committees, ad hoc committees, and taskforces. Files of the Curriculum Committee, Faculty Senate, and Academic and Graduate Councils include minutes and accompanying documentation.

  • Correspondence Files
    • Official university correspondence of historical significance

  • Departmental Reports Files
    • Copies of internal self-study reports generated by each unit of the university

  • Extension Files
    • Correspondence, photographs, or printed materials that document the work of University extension. programs, remote campuses etc.

  • Faculty Honors and Awards Files

  • Faculty Lists and Directories of Academic Departments

  • Faculty Information Files
    • Files containing biographical/professional information about individual members of the faculty

  • General Administrative Files
    • Records concerning the administration of the university unit's office. Files may include reports, memorandums, correspondence, directives, and other related records.

  • Grant Proposal Files
    • Proposals for grants AWARDED to the university, school or college and/or its academic departments, or non-academic units. Proposals should be filed with the Grants File which contains other documents on the particular grant project.

  • Grants Files
    • Records concerning specific grants AWARDED to and/or administered by the university, school or college and/or its academic departments, or non-academic units. May include grant proposals, final and progress reports, contracts, regulations and guidelines, correspondence, audits and other related records.

  • History Files
    • General informational files on the development of the academic department or non-academic unit. May include notes, typescripts, publications, newsletters, reports, correspondence, photographs, and other related records.

  • Meetings Files, Faculty
    • Records concerning university faculty meetings. May include memoranda, agendas, meeting minutes, reports, and other related records

  • Organizations and Associations Files
    • Records concerning various faculty, staff, student, and professional organizations and associations with which the academic department deals. Files may include correspondence, reports, publications, minutes, announcements, and other related records.

  • Photograph Files
    • Photographic prints and/or negatives of the unit activities, functions, facilities, and its faculty, staff and students. NOTE: photographs must be clearly titled, dated and indicate names of individuals included.

  • Policies and Procedures Files
    • Includes files and manuals specific to the academic department or non-academic unit of past and present policies and procedures

  • Programs and Flyers
    • Archives collects two copies of programs and flyers from special university events such as "Sandwich It-In" and productions of the Horton School of Music, and the LVA Department.

  • Publications, Faculty
    • Publications by the faculty of CSU academic departments

  • Publications, Student *
    • Archives retains two copies of the Sefer literary magazine

  • Publications, University *
    • Archives retains two copies of ongoing official series such as CSU Magazine, Cutlass and Ebenezer.

  • Research Projects Files
    • Records concerning various academic departmental research projects. Files may include reports, correspondence, project descriptions, and other related records

  • Self Study Reports and Files
    • Includes both university wide SACS, NCAA and accrediting agencies for specific departments such as CAAHEP, IACBE, NCATE, NASM, the American Music Therapy Association, and the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission

  • Speeches Files
    • Scripts of speeches presented by unit Head and faculty

  • Student Awards, Honors

  • Student Handbooks *

  • Surveys
    • Compilation of survey results only. No individual responses will be added

  • Telephone Directories *
    • Campus telephone directories only

  • University Memorabilia
    • Non-print and three dimensional memorabilia of the university will be collected as space allows.

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Departmental Files Not Accepted by the CSU University Archives

  • Academic records/transcripts files

  • Accident reports files

  • Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity files

  • Applications for employment files

  • Applications for graduation files

  • Bank statements/cancelled checks files

  • Budget files

  • Career planning/placement files

  • Comprehensive examinations and exam results files

  • Conferences and workshop files, conducted by or attended by university personnel

  • Contracts, leases, and agreements files (facilities/services/equipment used by the university)

  • Course enrollment files

  • Course lists

  • Course (new) proposals files unless included in Curriculum Committee or Graduate Council files

  • Course Syllabi/Outlines Files

  • Credit by examination files

  • Degree check files

  • Drop/Add forms files

  • Energy and utilities files

  • Examinations/tests (completed) files

  • Faculty recruitment files

  • Financial aid/student loans files

  • Fire and safety files

  • Grade distribution files

  • Graduate listings files

  • Grant proposals, unapproved

  • Grants administration files (receipts, purchase orders, equipment lists, accounting records etc.)

  • Grievance files

  • Instructor class rolls/grade sheets files

  • Leave files

  • Loan recipient college enrollment verification files

  • Mailing lists

  • Maintenance services files

  • Overtime files

  • Payroll time sheet files

  • Personnel files, non-faculty

  • Photographs which are untitled, undated and do not indicate names of individuals included

  • Placement tests and scores listings files (composite or individual test scores)

  • Position descriptions, non-faculty

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