CSU Chat Reference Policy

Charleston Southern University provides chat reference (CSU Chat) through various instant messaging (IM) providers as a service to students, faculty, and staff of CSU. We will provide chat reference help to persons not affiliated with CSU but reserve the right to restrict service if the volume of requests becomes too heavy.

CSU Chat will provide answers to all types of questions in the order in which they are received (on site, on the phone, or via IM).

The L. Mendel Rivers Library Reference Staff reminds CSU Chat users that in-depth research questions are best answered in person or asynchronously via email. Therefore, we reserve the right to request a meeting with a patron or provide reference services via email at a later time.

The L. Mendel Rivers Library respects the privacy of users, but cannot guarantee the confidentiality of files, electronic mail, or other information stored or transmitted electronically. We will collect data on each chat transaction for statistical purposes. In addition, each chat log will be saved in order to improve the service. At no time will any personal information be given to persons outside of the L. Mendel Rivers Library. Patrons of CSU Chat may request that their chat log be deleted by emailing csuref@csuniv.edu

CSU Chat staff will not tolerate inappropriate behavior. Inappropriate behavior constitutes, but is not limited to, any action that is: illegal, threatening, harassing, obscene, objectionable, or a violation of federal, state or local law. Chats determined inappropriate will be terminated. A warning message may or may not be given to users who violate this policy. Users who fail to comply with this policy may be blocked from CSU Chat in the future.

CSU Chat will not send articles accessed through CSU subscription databases to users unless a verification of their status as a member of the CSU community is authenticated.

CSU Chat will not do your research for you. We can help you with your research by giving you the necessary tools/knowledge to complete research.

CSU Chat will not provide medical, legal, financial, etc. advice.

CSU Chat does not renew, recall, or retrieve books/library materials for students, faculty, or staff.

CSU Chat reserves the right not to answer any question.