Discover... What am I searching?

The Discover search is a great place to start your research as it may locate a book or journal article in a database you might not have considered searching. It uses the EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) but includes much more than the databases provided by EBSCO.

Discover allows you to:

  • locate journal articles, books, and more without knowing which database or catalog to choose
  • search a unified index covering most of the library's databases PLUS the CSU Library Catalog

Use facets to expand or narrow the results from your search (in the left column after you perform a search)

  • By default your search will be limited to resources available through the CSU Library's electronic or print resources, but simply uncheck Available in print or online from CSU to discover even more resources which may be requestable through the PASCAL Delivers system or through Interlibrary Loan

  • Want only what's available online? Uncheck the limiter Available in print or online from CSU and select the limiter Full text. On the results list, this is under Refine your results...Show More. Note: do not leave both these limiters set at the same time or the results will include print items in the CSU Library.

  • Looking for something elusive? Select the option to Also search within the full text of the articles, with or without the limiter Available in print or online from CSU

  • Don't want journal articles? Select the Source Type: Books or eBooks

  • Want only what's in the CSU Library's print and AV collection? After performing a search, scroll down and click on the CSU Library Location facet, then click Show More and select all desired locations except Internet. The location Circulating Collection will locate print books which can be checked out from the library.

  • The Content Providers facet indicates which databases supplied the results
    • Select one or more Content Provider to limit your search to your preferred databases
    • Some databases that are NOT listed may still have their content included in the Discover search index and links under the citations will take you to the full text (e.g. Sage Online and ProQuest Criminal Justice)
    • Other databases are not included or not covered completely, and some databases have specific search filters and options which you may need for your research, so you may still wish to search an individual database directly

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