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Horton School of Music

Center for Worship

Music and Worship Leadership Degree Program

Churches worldwide are engaging their culture in new ways through worship styles, music, technology and relational ministry. The Center for Worship's specialized curriculum prepares students to be strong leaders and provides a depth of development in the areas of music, technology and ministry. Beginning in their freshman year, our students have opportunities to serve churches in each of these areas.

Ministry & Leadership

The Center for Worship develops worship leaders for multidimensional roles, such as: pastor, leader, theologian, administrator, counselor, encourager, communicator and manager. Students are engaged in Christ-focused worship from the heart, soul and mind. They will learn to lead, grow and serve by developing their own biblical philosophy of worship. They will also learn to be worship leaders who worship in both spirit and truth.

Technology & Production

One of the growing needs in churches is a minister who has a working knowledge of new technologies. In addition to being able to lead in multiple musical styles, today's worship leaders must also understand sound engineering, studio production and visual lighting software. The Center for Worship stays current with changing technology. Students receive training in arranging and songwriting tools, multitracks, loops, sound engineering, digital audio workstations and other music-related software.



Worship Ensembles

Schedule Elevate Worship, CSU's traveling worship ensemble, or Total Praise, an a cappella ensemble, for your church or event.