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Fleece urges Christians to let Christ redeem their pasts

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Esther Fleece, a speaker, literary agent and vice president of marketing at Yates and Yates, delivered a word from the book of Esther during Chapel Wed., Feb. 27.

She asked the students, “Does anyone struggle with anxiety here? As Christians we know we aren’t supposed to be anxious.” Referring to the often quoted verse of Esther 4:14, which says, “And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?” Fleece said, “Maybe ‘for such a time as this’ is deep distress.

“Have you ever been so grieved that your body revealed it?” asked Fleece. This is what the passage in Esther 4:4 is talking about when it says Esther “was in great distress.” Queen Esther was distressed because she had kept her family’s Jewish heritage quiet, and the Jews were being persecuted.

Fleece talked about growing up in a broken family and going to a Christian college and pretending everything was fine, that she was just like everyone else. When parents sent Valentine’s packages to the dorm, Fleece would go out and buy candy and pretend it was from her family.

Fleece said, “I’m here to tell you … God’s Word doesn’t tell you to conceal it. Minimizing our stories doesn’t bring God any more glory.” The climax of Queen Esther’s story is the revelation of her Jewish identity which saved the Jewish nation.

She urged students to reveal themselves. “I will kindly tell you Jesus Christ is the only God who does something with our pasts. He will redeem you – you don’t have to live in shame.”

Citing 2 Corinthians 3:18 in The Message, Fleece says as we need to reveal our hearts to become more like Jesus. “Revealing our identities brings us and those around us freedom.” She urged students to display Christ’s love, to renounce the hidden things of shame and to seek out someone to talk to.

“Do you have somebody you can reveal your past to?” said Fleece. “There will be incredible freedom for you and your people,” just as Queen Esther’s revelation of her identity brought freedom to her people.

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