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Kon shares story at Chapel

University Relations

Sharon Kon

A couple of years ago Dr. Rick Brewer, vice president for student affairs and athletics, was sitting in Starbucks in Manhattan listening to some other customers talk about how challenging it was to share their faith in their field of film making.

After meeting them, Brewer thought Sharon Kon would be a great Chapel speaker at CSU.

Kon is in the postproduction stage for her first feature film, “The Father’s Love.” Born in Malaysia, Kon thought she would end up making music videos. Instead, she found Christ and turned to making movies that honor and glorify God. “God has given you a talent,” she said at CSU Chapel Feb. 26. “Go for it. He doesn’t give you a talent to be wasted.”

“The Father’s Love” is about trying to find true love and not making idols. Jon Davis and Betsy Bolick of campus ministries asked Kon questions between clips of the movie.

Kon said, “Idolatry is so deceiving; it’s a progression that sucks you in very slowly. There is nothing wrong with being in love, but it is wrong when you make it an idol.”

Most of us have made idols out of someone or something. “It is an emptiness in our hearts we are trying to fill,” she said. “To walk in freedom, to go from being brokenhearted, we have to open up and allow God to free our heart.”


Kon said the character in the movie is so wrapped up in one young man, she can’t see she has made him an idol. She begins dating around, trying to feel loved. Kon said we try to cover the void in our heart with different things, whether it is dating, sports, shopping, eating or other addictions.

She said, “When we have broken hearts we have two choices – go through a cycle of dating a new person or choose Christ. His love is truly kind and unselfish, very nurturing and giving and not something you are anxious about.”

One movie clip showed the character as a little girl who is devastated when her father leaves her family. Kon said it mirrors her own story of dealing with her parents separating when she was nine. She said, “That clip tells the story of my dad leaving us and my state of loneliness.

“In a moment of seeking, because of the brokenness, I needed to know what the truth was,” said Kon. “God told me I am your father, let Me heal you – you can't keep going through this cycle. If I could tell students one thing, it would be God loves you. Know that you're loved; he's chasing after you relentlessly.”

Davis said, “Disappointment exposes what we really need. We are always looking for the quick fix, instead of THE fix. Let God restore you.”

Kon will be at Solomon’s Porch Wednesday, Feb. 26 at 9:45 p.m. in the Dining Hall. Because several Chapels were canceled due to storms, Solomon’s Porch will also serve as a Chapel credit for those in attendance. Kon will also speak at Elevate, Thursday, Feb. 27 at 8 p.m. in the Dining Hall. 



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