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Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management

The Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management program provides a wide range of working professionals the ability to fit a degree program into their schedule and budget. This degree provides the flexibility to learn from a variety of locations. All courses are offered entirely online. Concentrations in healthcare management, hospitality and tourism, project management and human resource management are available.

Bachelor of Technology in Computer Systems and Information Sciences

The Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Information Systems is a full four-year degree combining a liberal arts education with a cognate of mostly junior/senior professional courses that prepare the individual to enter the job market at the bachelor degree level. It is designed for persons holding an associate degree in an approved technical field.


The RN-BSN option is designed for registered nurses with an associate degree or diploma in nursing who wish to complete a baccalaureate degree in nursing. The RN-BSN Option is designed to enable registered nurses to achieve a higher degree with minimal loss of credit or duplication of knowledge and skills.

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Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership

The Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership degree focuses entirely on cultivating leadership skills for professionals who need to learn how to more effectively manage people in business, non-profits, or government. Special attention is given to critical leadership competencies including personal growth, interpersonal skills, communication, alignment of values, organizational change, and executive decision making.

Master of Arts in Christian Studies

The MA in Christian Studies is a 36 hour online degree that equips believers with the knowledge and skills needed for an effective, Christ-honoring ministry. Courses focus on the foundational areas of Christian Studies: Scripture, theology, philosophy, church history and ministry. The degree is ideal for anyone who desires to grow in his understanding and practice of the Christian faith.

Master of Science in Computer Science

The Master of Science in Computer Science degree is designed to provide an advanced understanding of the technical fundamentals of computer science – architecture, database, networking, and software engineering. The non-thesis program of study is designed to enhance professional development for those currently working in the field while providing advanced skills and knowledge to those seeking employment in the field. The thesis program of study provides the basis for further advanced study in the field. Reflected in the programs of study is a commitment to the highest ethical, intellectual and social values. 

Master of Science in Organizational Management

The accelerated Master of Science in Organizational Management program represents a new approach to learning. Our eight-week long courses emphasize critical thinking, problem solving, servant leadership and multi-cultural understanding. Course material  stems from today's business thought leaders, and only the most applicable concepts from textbooks are presented.

Master of Business Administration

A MBA at Charleston Southern gives you more for less. Charleston Southern has been named one of America's 100 Best College Buys and America's Best Christian Colleges. The MBA is personal, flexible and practical. It is a quality program that is less expensive than many other MBA programs.

Master of Science in Nursing

The Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Nurse Educator program prepares nurses to serve in the faculty/nurse educator roles within the health care setting. The curriculum prepares graduates to develop and evaluate curriculum and to effectively implement innovative teaching strategies using multiple learning formats while emphasizing the spiritual, ethical, and moral dimensions of the art of nursing. The MSN degree in Nursing Education prepares nurses to teach at a faculty level in nursing programs as well as to accept educator positions within hospital and clinic settings.

Master of Science in Criminal Justice

The Master of Science in Criminal Justice program provides an advanced understanding of the nature, causes, and consequences of crime, Students desiring to secure managerial, administrative, and other positions of leadership can expect to receive enhanced professional and leadership development, while students interested in pursuing terminal degree upon  graduation can expect to receive thorough training and preparation.

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