Section 1: The Office of the Registrar


Services provided by the Office of the Registrar

Transfer of Credit
Transcripts and Grades
Permission to take classes at another institution
Permission to take CLEP/Challenge Exams
Privacy Act
Student Portal


Transfer of Credit

Charleston Southern accepts transfer credit from other institutions of higher education based on the following considerations: It must have been taken at a regionally accredited college or university with a final grade of  C or better. It must meet the time limitations set by academic departments. It must not exceed the maximum number of transfer hours as outlined below: Junior, community and technical colleges: 68 semester credit hours maximum, including all nontraditional credit accepted. Senior colleges and universities: 89 semester hours maximum, including any credit accepted from all other sources (including “1” above, and all nontraditional credit accepted). We must receive the official transcripts sent directly from your former college before we can grant credit.

Transcripts and Grades

Grades (midterm and final) are available through the student portal,  MYCSU.


Permission to take classes at another institution

If you are a current student of record at Charleston Southern and plan to take a course at another institution during any term, you must receive prior permission. To receive permission you must complete either a Request to Take Courses at Another Institution form or a Cross Registration Form. Students may request permission to earn credit (hours only) at approved out-of-town institutions when our fall and spring semester’s are not in session, and the student’s permanent address is outside the greater Charleston area.



Permission to take CLEP/Challenge Exams

These exams may be presented for credit any time with the exception of the term in which the student graduates, and are subject to the following limitations: A maximum of eight (8) hours may be earned in one’s major.  A maximum of four (4) hours may be earned in one’s minor.  A maximum of twelve (12) hours may be earned in the areas of liberal arts core and general electives.  For more information on the CSU CLEP Policy.



For questions, please contact the Registrar's office at 843-863-8060; email or  visit the Registrar's office in the Hunter Reception Center.


Attendance Policy

The policy is mandatory for 100-level and 200-level classes; professors teaching 300-level or 400-level courses may choose to suspend the policy. By the act of enrollment, the student is responsible for all coursework, the student is expected to attend regularly and punctually all classes, labs, convocations, and assemblies. Online courses have special requirements.  Contact the instructor for details. The instructor will automatically drop the student from a class with a grade of FA (Failure for Absences) when the student has missed 25 percent of the class meetings.  The following reflect the number of absences at which you will receive the grade of FA:

Classes meeting five times per week – 19

Classes meeting four times per week - 15

Classes meeting three times per week – 11

Classes meeting two times per week – 7

Classes meeting one time per week – 4

Accelerated classes – 6

C.A.P.S. cohort classes – 2

An absence is defined as nonattendance for any reason including illness, emergency or official leave.

Thee (3) instances of tardiness are equal to one absence.

All classes missed due to late registration also count in the attendance policy.

Please see the Undergraduate catalog for a full description of the attendance policy.


FERPA, Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act: Applies to all currently enrolled and formerly enrolled students (regardless of age or parental dependency status) Design to protect the privacy rights of student records and to ensure the accuracy of education records, by act of enrollment.


MY CSU is the student portal. Students have access to most of their academic and financial information.  Some examples are:

  • View student’s class schedule
  • View chapel credits
  • Find their Academic Advisor
  • View eBill and eRefund
  • View their Financial Aid
  • Access the L. Mendel Rivers Library database
  • Register for classes (sophomore and above)
  • View unofficial transcripts
  • Check grades, view housing information, access work-study forms
  • Declare a major or minor
  • Withdraw from CSU

 How do you log into MY CSU? In order to log into MY CSU you need the following:

  • Go to MYCSU online
  • Student ID – this is provided to you once you have been accepted to CSU
  • PIN – You can retrieve your ID number and  PIN number by accessing PASSWORD HELP on the main My CSU page.



New students who complete this Online Orientation and submit the New Student Registration Information Form found at the end of the orientation will be placed in classes based on the following:

  • Acceptance status
  • Major
  • Transfer credit (if applicable)
  • Your preferences (listed on the New Student Registration Information Form)
  • Course prerequisites
  • Class availability

Please see MY CSU for class availability – sign on as a Guest if you have not received your pin number!

Typical Freshman Schedule Includes (16 hours):

  • ENGL 111 – English Composition I (3 hours)
  • MATH 105 – Intro to Math Structures or MATH 111 – College Algebra (3 hours) or MATH 110 - Extended College Algebra (4 hours)
  • GNED 101 – Freshman Seminar (1 hour)
  • Introductory course for your major (as long as you have met the prerequisite) (3 hours)
  • Two classes in the Liberal Arts Core (6 hours)


Transfer Student’s Schedule Information:

Transfer student MUST have their transfer credit evaluated by the Registrar’s Office before choosing a class schedule

Go to the Academic Advising website to find the Major Course Guide for your chosen major.  This will list all of the classes that are required to complete your degree at CSU.

Then access a list of open classes from MY CSU

Include the classes you would like to take on the New Student Registration Information Form and submit it.

Registration (Continuing Students):

Continuing students must meet with their Academic Advisor before registering for classes.

The following students must be registered by their Academic Advisors:

  • Freshman
  • Students with a major in the Horton School of Music
  • Students on Academic  Probation

All other continuing students can register for classes on MY CSU after meeting with their Academic Advisor.  The exception to this policy are people who have the following restrictions:

  • Students with a Business Office Hold on their account
  • Students who have not met a prerequisite for a course
  • Adding or Dropping Classes from a Schedule

Courses may be dropped or added to a schedule during the first 5 days of a term.  This is called the Drop/Add Period.

Dropped courses do not count toward the three (3) attempts allowed to complete a course.


Withdrawing From a Class

Students may withdraw from a class after the Drop/Add Period and receive a grade of W (withdraw), WP (withdraw passing), or WF (withdraw failing).  The grade you are given will depend on the date you withdraw (see the Academic Calendar) and the grade you are making at the time of the withdrawal.

You must fill out a request for schedule change form to withdraw.

You will need the following signatures on the form:

  • Professor of the class in which you are withdrawing
  • Your Academic Advisor
  • Student Athlete Success Coordinator (required for athletes only)

After receiving all of the signatures, the Office of the Registrar will withdraw you from the class and assign your grade.