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Physician Assistant Program


The Charleston Southern University PA Program will be housed in the new Health Science Building. Construction on the 28,458-square-foot Health Science Building began September 2016 and will be completed in the fall of 2017.

Areal View

The second floor of the Health Science Building has been designed specifically for the PA Program. PA students will have access to a high-fidelity simulation lab, a dry skills lab, clinical exam rooms, small group debriefing rooms, and a student lounge with additional study space.  

The high-fidelity simulation lab, dry skills lab and clinical exam rooms will provide students the opportunity to gain hands on experience to learn clinical procedures and perform physical examinations. The dry skills lab and 5 clinical exam rooms are configured to give students a learning experience realistic to the clinical setting. The simulation lab will have computerized mannequins designed to model real patients. Teaching students in these settings will equip them to apply what they are learning in the classroom and practice in a safe environment designed to enhance patient safety and quality of care once they are in practice. 

The student lounge provides students with amenities they need to relax in between classes and a space for studying. The lounge will be furnished with comfortable seating, cafe tables, a refrigerator, a microwave, and a sink.

The second floor of the Health Science Building will also include a cadaver lab. Due to the timing of the completion of the building, students in our first cohort will not have access to this space. However, the program has purchased a 3-D cadaver training table that will be used as part of our Human Anatomy coursework. The cadaver lab will be incorporated into the curriculum for the class that matriculates in January 2019. 



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