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Physician Assistant Program


Upon completion of the Charleston Southern University MMSPAS Program, graduating students will be able to:

1. Demonstrate an understanding for the medical, behavioral and social knowledge necessary to evaluate and manage patients across all ages and patient populations in both primary care and specialty settings.

2. Demonstrate an ability to elicit an accurate medical history on patient and to perform a detailed physical exam relevant to the medical history.

3. Demonstrate an ability to formulate a differential diagnosis relevant to the findings in the history and physical exam.

4. Demonstrate an ability to recommend appropriate diagnostic studies to assist in the evaluation and treatment of the patient.

5. Demonstrate the ability to develop and implement an appropriate therapeutic management plan, either pharmacological or non-pharmacological, based on the patient’s medical history, physical exam and diagnostic study findings.

6. Demonstrate an ability to make informed decisions about the care of patients consistent with up-to-date scientific evidence and sound clinical judgment.

7. Demonstrate the ability to deliver accurate patient education that encompasses verbal, non-verbal and written forms of information to the patient and their care team that considers disease prevention and health awareness.

8. Demonstrate the ability to perform clinical procedures common to primary care to including but not limited to: venipuncture, intravenous access, joint injections and aspirations, wound management, laceration repair, casting and splinting, strep screening, urinalysis, catheterization, performing pelvic exams, and interpretation of radiographic images, pulmonary function tests, and EKGs.

9. Demonstrate excellent communication skills with patients, their care teams, and other members of the healthcare team that adapts to the needs of that person as necessary.

10. Demonstrate professionalism with high ethical principles, sensitivity, and responsiveness to all patients, their care teams, and members of the healthcare team. 


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