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Physician Assistant Program


Advanced Placement

Advanced placement is defined as a waiver of required coursework in the program curriculum.  The CSU PA Program does not accept any advanced placement under any circumstances and no course waivers will be provided for pre-admission experiential learning or credit transfers from another university in lieu of completing the required curriculum.  The program's curriculum presents all of the medical and clinical science content that students are expected to acquire in order to achieve the PA Program’s Student Learning Outcomes. Each student must attend the program full-time and complete mandatory course requirements. 

Student Employment

The program strongly discourages any form of employment while matriculated as a PA student.  This intensive graduate-level training requires full-time attendance during both the didactic and clinical years.  Outside work obligations will not be considered an acceptable excuse for poor performance or absence from any scheduled course activities.  Please see link to Financial Aid to explore available options if financial assistance is needed.      


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