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Physician Assistant Program

Selection PROCESS

Prospective Student Qualities

  • CSU PA Program is looking for prospective students who are well rounded and have demonstrated leadership abilities, maturity and a commitment to community service.
  • The University is a Yellow Ribbon Program participant and welcomes veterans to apply to the PA Program.
  • The University supports its alumni and will take into consideration any CSU graduates who apply to the Program. 
  • Strong academic aptitude, as demonstrated by GPA, GRE, and advanced degrees, will be favored in the admissions selection process. 
  • A good understanding of the physician assistant profession and health care team is valued and medical provider shadowing experiences are encouraged as part of the required health care experience hours.  
  • CSU is a Christian university, which prides itself on an ethnically diverse student body.  Applicants from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply. 
  • Additional qualities that the program values include excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills, life experience, empathy, strong ethical character, adaptability, and critical thinking skills. 

Selection Process

The PA Program uses a rolling admissions process. The Admissions Committee will evaluate completed verified CASPA applications based upon GPAs (cumulative, prerequisite, and science), GRE, healthcare experience, and personal and professional characteristics. Based upon these factors, the Admissions Committee will invite qualified individuals for on-campus interviews. These interviews will be conducted using a multiple mini interview approach.

Interviewees will be notified of the admissions decision within one month of the interview. During each applicant review process, applicants will be placed in one of three categories: Accept, Waitlist*, and Decline. 

*Waitlist: These candidates will be notified within one month of completing the interview. Each candidate on this list will be reviewed during each subsequent interview selection process. At that time their status will be updated to one of the following: admit now, continue waitlist or declined.

Updated on 10/6/2017


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