Policy R-22

Number: R-22
Date of Inception: July 17, 1984

Purpose: To provide academically superior students with the opportunity to pursue advanced study under faculty supervision.

Academically superior students may qualify to pursue advanced study in their major or minor discipline. Students seeking to enroll in an advanced study course should consult with their faculty advisor and the Department Chairperson to determine their eligibility and the procedure for enrolling.


To qualify for an advanced study course, a student must have completed ninety (90) hours of college-level coursework with an overall Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 and 3.5 GPA in his/her major or minor area of study.

Approval Process

The following steps must be completed by the end of the scheduled drop/add period for the term in which a student desires to enroll in an advanced study course:

Step 1 - The student must request in writing to take advanced study course and present the request to the appropriate Department Chairperson.

Step 2 - The Department Chairperson confirms with the Registrar the total hours earned, cumulative GPA, and major/minor GPA.

Step 3 - The Department Chairperson must approve the course offering, and notify the student of his/her eligibility to register for the course.

Advanced Study Course numbers:

Course numbers will carry the appropriate department code, a course number of 498 or 499 if possible (498 is to be used for initial participation and 499 for subsequent participation). Other course numbers may be used in certain departments where 498 and 499 have been used for other courses. However, course numbers should fall between 490 and 499. One, two, or three credit hours may be awarded for advanced study courses.

Example for the Mathematics Department:
MATH 498-01 (1 credit hour)
MATH 498-02 (2 credit hours)
MATH 498-03 (3 credit hours)

By action of the Curriculum Committee on July 17,1984, and editorial revisions made on
August 24, 2000, and June 20, 2001, approved by the Provost.