Policy R-28

Number: R-28
Date of Inception: March 28, 1985

Purpose: To provide guidelines for students seeking a second baccalaureate degree
after having earned the first baccalaureate degree at CSU.

  1. Must submit transcripts from any other institutions where credit has been earned since the first baccalaureate degree was earned at CSU (if applicable).
  2. Must complete at least thirty-six (36) additional hours to satisfy residency requirements for a second CSU baccalaureate degree.
  3. Must satisfy all course requirements and residency requirements for the new major (and minor, if applicable) for the degree sought.
  4. Must select a major that is not a major or cognate of a previous baccalaureate degree.
  5. Must select a minor (if applicable) that is not a major, cognate or minor of a previous baccalaureate degree.
  6. Once completed, the second degree will be added to the student's transcript, along with the new major and minor (as applicable). 

Revised by action of the Faculty Senate, October 12, 1998.