Policy R-43

Number: R-43
Date of Inception: January 23, 1995

Purpose: To establish the type of academic files that are maintained on microfilm and the procedure for disposal of permanent academic files.

Types of things microfilmed:

Official transcripts - CSU, and all others
Degree Check Sheet
Course Substitutions
Grade changes
Other transcripts from institutions whose credits apply towards the degree
High school transcripts


Microfilm files are maintained in the Office of the Registrar, and a duplicate copy of each file is maintained in the vault of the L. Mendel Rivers Library.

Disposal of Academic Files:

At the present time, Charleston Southern University has adequate space to file and maintain all permanent academic records of students since the University began in 1964. However, at the point in which there is no longer any space, the students' permanent academic files will be microfilmed, specifically, the documents in that file above, and the file will then be shredded and disposed of by the University.

By action of the Dean of Registration on January 23, 1995.