Policy R-47

Number: R-47
Date of Inception: October 11, 1991

  1. Number of hours required on site is 112.
  2. Semester hours granted are 3.
  3. GPA 2.75 overall and permission of the department chair
  4. Less than a 2.75 overall the student must obtain permission of the department chair and the dean
  5. Student standing of 61 semester hours (Junior status)
  6. Number of credit hours which may be taken are six. Three (3) credit hours may be applied toward a major or minor requirement and 3 credit hours as a general elective.
  7. The student intern will submit, as a minimum, a written project as determined by the instructor.
  8. Faculty on-site visits: Minimum of 1 visit during the internship period. Exceptions to the on-site visit requirement are allowed for internships outside the tri-county area which are prestigious internships or those that result from special established relationships with individuals or groups. A minimum of 2 additional agency contacts must be made during the internship period. These contacts may be made by phone, email, fax, and etc. depending on circumstances of the specific internship.
  9. Faculty/student conferences: Structured conferences - a minimum of 4
  10. A formal written agreement is required between a qualified on-site supervisor and the department chair or dean.
  11. Status of course for instructor: "Overload only" unless specified in faculty contact. In cases where the internship exceeds the instructor's contract course load plus an overload course, supervision of interns as well as the number to be supervised must receive approval of the department chair and the dean.
  12. Grades: pass/fail


By action of the Curriculum Committee on February 16, 1999 (effective June 1, 1999).