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Academic Policies

Policy R-47

Number: R-47
Date of Inception: October 11, 1991


The following rules apply to traditional academic internships, where a student earns academic credit for work experiences approved as appropriate for academic credit.  Extended practicums such as student teaching and clinicals are addressed below in paragraph 13. 

1. Internships typically earn 3 semester credit hours.  Internships earning fewer or more semester credit hours may be approved on a case by case basis by the area dean or as specified in the academic catalog.

2. A typical internship requires 38 hours on site per semester credit hour.  A 3 semester credit hour internship requires 114 hours on site.

3. GPA:          

a) 2.75 overall and permission of the department chair

b) less than a 2.75 overall the student must obtain permission of the department chair and the dean

4. Students must be of at least sophomore status (having achieved 31 semester hours)

5. The total number of credit hours earned in a traditional internship which may apply toward graduation is six; three (3) credit hours may be applied toward a major or minor requirement and 3 credit hours as a general elective unless otherwise specified by the major.  In all cases (unless approved within a given major), no single traditional internship should exceed 4 academic credit hours.

6. The instructor will require and evaluate an appropriate document or assignment detailing the outcomes learned from the internship such as a research paper, reflection paper,journal, or presentation, or so on, as determined by the instructor.

7. All new sites should be visited by a CSU administrator or faculty member and approved.  In the cases of remote sites these "visits" may be accomplished through electronic means (such as video feeds and so on).  Faculty supervisors of internships should have a minimum of three contacts with the host/sponsor during a semester.

8. Faculty supervisors and student interns must have at least four structured conferences per semester.  In the event of a remote internship these conferences may take place by telephone or other electronic communications.

9. Compensation for faculty for supervision of traditional internships $100.00 per credit hour ($300.00 for a 3 hour class).  The following restrictions apply.

     a) When supervising internships as overloads, faculty are restricted to supervising a maximum of 15 credit hours in a semester.

     b) Faculty may be assigned (with permission of the area dean) to supervise a greater number of internships in lieu of a teaching assignment as part of their contract duties.  In this  circumstance supervision of 24 semester credit hours of internship (for example, 8 separate 3 hour internships) will count as a 3 hour class load.  

    c) Adjunct instructors should only in rare cases be allowed to supervise internships and must be approved to do so by the appropriate dean.  In all circumstances for both adjuncts and full time faculty, supervision of up to 15 hours may be paid by individual internship; supervision of 16-24 hours will be paid as a standard course ($1950.00).  Internship hours are considered as 1:1 (contact hours to credit hours) in the Guideline to Teaching Loads.

     d) In no circumstance should any faculty member ever supervise more than 24 semester credit hours of internships per semester.

     e) These guidelines and restrictions do not apply to extensive practicums such as clinicals, student teaching, and the like, as addressed below in paragraph 13.

10. Travel reimbursement for faculty: The current CSU per mile reimbursement rate will apply for all travel within the tri-county area.  However, travel beyond the tri-county area will require a travel authorization form submitted in advance of the travel as per the deadlines in the university Travel Policy.

11. A formal agreement is required between a qualified on-site supervisor and the department.  A general form will be housed by the VPAA's office and will be available for all faculty.

12. Grades for internships are pass/fail, unless otherwise specified in the course description.

Note: "Interns" refers to students working in internships.  "Faculty Supervisors" refer to those faculty members supervising a given internship.  "Hosts" and "Sponsors" refer to the employers overseeing the onsite internship.

13. Extended Practicums (Including Clinicals and Student Teaching): Certain majors (such as the Bachelor of Science in Nursing and those offered in the College of Education) may have extensive practicum/internship requirements; often these are in part due to state licensure and accrediting agency requirements.  These specific practicum requirements are separate from the traditional semester internships considered above and are addressed under each major in the Charleston Southern University Academic Catalog; similarly, rules for faculty supervision and compensation are addressed in faculty contracts and the Faculty Handbook.


By action of the Curriculum Committee on October 11, 1991 (effective January 1, 1992). Revised by the Curriculum Committee on November 10, 2014. Revised by Deans Council, June 15, 2016, and approved by the Curriculum Committee September 14, 2016; administrative elements revised by Dean's Council February 15, 2017.


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