Policy R-48

Number: R-48
Date of Inception: March 18, 1999

Students may repeat any course taken at Charleston Southern University in which they have earned a previous grade. However, the University limits the number of times students may attempt a credit-earning course to three, and the number of times students may attempt a remedial, noncredit course to two. All attempts (or repeats) count, including those with grades of "W," "WP," "WF" and "FA." A course may not be repeated within the same semester (i.e., taking an accelerated course within a semester). For students accepted into the Bridge Program, the attempts to earn a passing grade in the remedial, noncredit 099 courses must be consecutive. Any requests to appeal this policy are treated on a case by case basis. Such appeals must be submitted to the Registrar in writing and will be heard by the appropriate committee.

Note: Some academic departments require certain courses to be taken in numerical sequence. Taking any lower level course in the sequence once credit has been earned in a higher level course (at Charleston Southern University or transferred from another institution) in the sequence is not permitted.

Revised by action of the Faculty Senate, March 9, 1998.