Policy R-53

Number: R-53
Date of Inception: May 18, 1999

Purpose: To establish a policy to address student withdrawals due to reserve/national guard unit activation.

Students who are serving their country as military reservists or National Guardsmen may be forced to withdraw if the National Military Command Authority activates their unit. Upon official documentation of such a call up, the following university policies will apply:


Students who are required to withdraw from the university as a result of a military call-up of their unit will be assigned a grade in the course(s) being dropped in accordance with the following options:

A final grade will be assigned if the professor(s) assesses that sufficient course work has been accomplished to essentially equal course completion.

If the professor(s) assesses that insufficient course work has been accomplished to essentially equal course completion, then the student may choose one of the following options: If passing at time of withdrawal, a grade of "WP".

Regardless of pass/fail status at time of withdrawal, a grade of "W." (NOTE: Grades of "W" or "WP" will likely result in the student not making the minimum satisfactory academic progress requirements for the next financial aid year. These student will be automatically awarded a favorable CSU Financial Aid Appeals Committee appeal as soon as they file an appeal with documentation of completion of active duty which required withdrawal.)

Regardless of pass/fail status at time of withdrawal, and upon agreement by the professor, an "I." However, any "I" must be resolved by course completion within six months of the official release from active duty to preclude assignment of a final grade of "F."


Full-time Students - Withdrawing full-time students accounts will continue to be charged full-time tuition. However, these accounts will be held in a "noncollection" status. As soon as the student files an appeal with documentation of completion of the active duty which required withdrawal, this charge will be automatically adjusted to reflect charges only for all courses declared completed at the rate that the sum of the hours for such courses dictates. (e.g., a full-time student who withdraws completing only six hours will be charged for six hours tuition at the part-time rate; students assigned grades in all courses would be charged the full-time rate.) Any credit balances generated as a result of will be nonrefundable and retained on the students' account in anticipation of return to the university.

Part-time Students - Withdrawing part-time students will be charged tuition for all courses declared completed. Credit balances for the entire tuition for courses in which the student withdraws with a "W" or a "WP." These credit balances will be nonrefundable and retained on the students' accounts in anticipation of return to the university after their unit is deactivated.


Nonmarried Housing - Students withdrawing from the university must vacate the nonmarried residence halls. Pro rata room & board credit will be generated to resident students' accounts. Room charges will be prorated on a day-for-day basis. Board charges will be based on the university policy in effect at the date of the activation. If student's account is otherwise clear, credits will be fully refundable to the student upon application.

Married Housing - Married students who are activated face special challenges, and spouses of students being activated will be allowed to remain in housing until the end of the semester. However, in recognition the university will deal with each student on a case-by-case basis. In the event the housing is vacated, the same refund policy as for nonmarried residents will apply.


Federal financial aid regulations are in no way accounted for within, overridden by, or modified by any current reserve activation regulations. Withdrawals for reasons of activation are viewed under Federal law the same as any other. Therefore, there is significant potential for full-time students withdrawing as a result of activation to lose some or all aid eligibility. Accordingly, the university will provide scheduled counseling as a group to these students, and will make every attempt to provide individual counseling when it is requested.

Approved by action of the President's Cabinet.
Note: This policy was adopted as a result of the "Desert Storm" action and remains in effect.