Policy R-57

Number: R-57
Date of Inception: June 1, 2001

Purpose: To establish a policy that addresses attendance, make-up work and registration for students representing the University on official business. "Student Representatives" are involved in various groups or organizations, including our student-athletes representing CSU in athletic events.


Specific dates and times that Student Representatives will be representing the University on official business must be approved in advance by one of the following:

(1) Provost or other Senior Officer, or (2) Academic Dean, or (3) Dean of Students


All Student Representatives are subject to the same attendance policy as all other undergraduate students. Refer to policy R-10, "Excessive Absences," or the Undergraduate Catalog under "Attendance" for more information.

Make-up Assignments and/or Tests:

All Student Representatives who must be absent from classes while representing CSU on official business will be allowed to make-up tests, assignments and/or other activities without penalty. Course syllabi must reflect how/when this may be accomplished. The Dean's Council recognizes that some departments will have to be creative in allowing for make-up work, or at least not penalizing the student for the missed work. Some examples may include laboratories, clinical experiences, etc.


Student Representatives will register along with all other students according to their classification (Senior, Junior, Sophomore, Freshmen). Dates are published on the Academic Calendar. Students who experience scheduling conflicts during registration as a result of officially representing the University should contact the appropriate academic department chairperson in an effort to design an acceptable class schedule. Students may seek further redress from the appropriate academic dean. The academic dean's decision is final. Such resolution will be handled on a case-by-case basis.


The Deans' Council will review the effectiveness of this policy annually to determine if further action is needed.

Effective beginning on June 1, 2001 by final action of the Academic Council on May 9th, 2001.