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Academic Policies

Policy R-65

CHARLESTON SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY                                  
OFFICE OF THE REGISTRAR                                                     
TITLE: Enrollment in Online Courses
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In its curriculum and offerings of courses and academic programs, CSU serves (for the purposes of this policy) two different kinds of students: the traditional students who take most of their courses in campus classrooms, and the online students who are a) enrolled in an online major and b) take the majority of their courses online.

As a comprehensive university with a strong liberal arts tradition, the academic leadership of the university believes and affirms that it is in the best interest of traditional students to take, when possible, traditional face-to-face courses in non-accelerated formats.  This allows for the building of greater community, the integration of faith, and a full exploration of the goals and outcomes of a given course in the great tradition of academic inquiry.

At the same time, the university realizes that for many students (particularly those non-traditional students who make up the majority of the online student body) the rigors of the academy must be balanced with full-time employment, the demands of family, and so on.  Although the university works to provide a full experience for online students, including academic support, integration of faith and learning, and offering a number of other services, online programs are nevertheless different and thus the online student body has different demands.

To further the building of academic community to protect the course availability for online students, and to insure compliance with other CSU policies (such as R-18, Permission to Take Courses at Another Institution), the following guidelines are established.

Online classes are designated by the Registrar's office as follows (per Academic Policy R-21):

Available to all students, year-round:

  • Section 40, indicating an "Online Only” format
  • Section 401, online only for all students during Accelerated/CAPS I.
  • Section 402, online only for all students during Accelerated/CAPS II.
  • Section 41, for blended classes (partially online with some class meeting requirements) format beginning on a Monday;
  • Section 42 (partially online with some class meeting requirements) beginning on a Tuesday;
  • Section 43 (partially online with some class meeting requirements) beginning on a Wednesday;
  • Section 44 (partially online with some class meeting requirements) beginning on a Thursday;
  • Section 48 (partially online with some class meeting requirements) beginning on a Friday;
  • Section 49 (partially online with some class meeting requirements) beginning on a Saturday.

Available to students majoring in online programs only, fall and spring:

  • Section 45, indicating an online only accelerated format (meeting in the first half of a semester), intended only for students in an online major;
  • Section 46, indicating an online only accelerated format (meeting in the second half of a semester), intended only for students in an online major;
  • Section 47, indicating an online only semester-long format intended only for students in an online major.

Enrollment Guidelines for Students Majoring in Online Programs:

Online Programs at CSU include the following.  Some programs are only offered online; others are offered in "blended" approaches where students may take the classes either online or in traditional classrooms.

Online only:

  • Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management
  • R.N. to Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Bachelor of Arts in Computer and Information Systems
  • Master of Arts in Christian Studies
  • Master of Science in Nursing
  • Master of Science in Organizational Management

Blended Programs (available both on-ground and on-line):

  • Bachelor of Technology
  • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with Human Services Emphasis
  • Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)
  • Master of Science in Computer Science
  • Master of Science in Criminal Justice
  • Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership

Students in these preceding programs are allowed to enroll (pending applicability of a course and approval of the student's advisor) in any online courses offered by CSU. 

For online students majoring in programs not designated as online programs, a $180.00 fee per course may be assessed to pay for use of  online platforms.

Enrollment Guidelines for Traditional Students During the Regular Academic Year:

During the regular academic year (fall and spring semesters), students majoring in traditional programs may take (pending advisor's approval) any Section 40-44, 48-89 classes offered at CSU

Students majoring in traditional programs may not enroll in Section 45-47 classes unless authorized by the chair and dean with authority over the students' majors.  This approval is only granted if a student meets to the dean's satisfaction the guidelines listed below.

All requests from students desiring to take Section 45-47 classes (as described above) online will be reviewed carefully by chairs and deans. Students must provide full documentation in support of the request. Even if each of the criteria below are met, sufficient course slots (five or more) must be available for students in non-online programs to register.

The chair and dean of the course area must approve the student's enrollment in the course. 

1) Students may not be allowed to take a restricted online course (Sections 45-47)  if:

·         Enrollment in an online course will increase the student’s load to more than 18 credit hours (which would also require special permission from the VPAA);

·         The student’s academic record suggests low performance may be likely in the online environment;

2) Students may be allowed to enroll in a restricted online course (Sections 45-47) if:

·         The traditional classes to which the student desires entry are full;

·         The student has documentation (properly filed with the university) citing a medical reason or other disabling personal or familial reason for the student’s request, explained to the dean's satisfaction;

·         The student has maintained a strong academic record (e.g., a 3.0 or higher over the last two consecutive major semesters).

·         The student offers compelling, end-of-college (last 30 credit hours) reasons for the request.

3) Students who are not enrolled in majors supported by CSU Online are required to pay a $180.00 fee per course enrolled for courses offered on that platform.

4) Students should note that the following excuses do not constitute viable reasons for enrollment in prohibited Section 45-47 online courses:

  • The student wants to accommodate a work schedule;
  • The student wants a better schedule to allow for extra-curricular university activities (athletics, music programs, etc);
  • The student wants to take courses only from a particular faculty member;
  • The student wants to avoid campus work on certain days.

Enrollment Guidelines for Traditional Students During Summer Umbrella Semesters:

Course semester designations occurring during the "Summer Umbrella Semesters" include Maymester, Extended Maymester, Summer I, Summer II, CAPS Summer I, CAPS Summer II, and others.

Students majoring in traditional programs may enroll in restricted Section 45-47 classes (pending advisor approval and dean) during summer semesters.  However, class enrollment in these sections may be limited to insure adequate availability for online students. The required fee for online platforms(constituting a number of Section 45-47 courses) still applies.

Effective beginning September 2016 by Dean's Council; revised by Dean's Council, August 2017.


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