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Residence Life

Our Mission and Vision

CSU Residence Life strives to create an environment that is conducive to the intellectual, emotional, spiritual and relational well-being of each residential student. Integration of faith in learning, leading and serving are elements that produce opportunities for Residence Life to partner in building a thriving learning community within our residence halls.

Living on campus will provide many new experiences that include making new friends, facing new challenges and developing memories that will last you a lifetime. We feel that all of these are important parts of a quality educational experience.Our mission is to create a community that honors God and enables students to thrive. We do this through pursuing five themes:
Jesus, Neighbor, Community, Disciple and Accountability.


Residence Life Guide

Check out the Residence Life Guide to get a quick overview of our community and standards. These are just a few of the CSU guidelines. Residents are responsible for knowing the rest of the guidelines listed in the Student Handbook.