Buc Alert Emergency System


BUC Alert is an emergency communication system that sends notification to the entire campus community (students, faculty and staff) before, during and after an emergency. With this system, the University is able to communicate in many modes, including voice messages to home, work and cell phones; text messages to cell phones, PDAs and other devices; written messages to email accounts. In combination with our existing communication methods and emergency response plans, this notification system significantly enhances the University’s ability to maintain a learning environment in which students are safe, secure and comfortable.

BUC Alert will be initiated without delay as is reasonably possible and without compromising efforts to assist victims or contain, respond to or mitigate the emergency, at the order of the President of the University, Senior Officers or the Director of Campus Security. Once the determination of an emergency on campus is made by Campus Security representatives, the appropriate message will be sent on the BUC Alert system (via sirens, phone and email).

Alerts are used only in the case of a campus emergency that include, but are not limited to:

• Bomb threats or other imminent threats of violence

• Fires, hazardous spills or gas leaks affecting the entire campus

• Building evacuations and lockdown affecting the entire campus

• Biological or pandemic emergency notification

• Natural disasters

• Power outages or utility failures resulting in an imminent threat

• Campus closure due to weather or declared civil emergency

The BUC Alert System is tested each month.


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