Jeremy Jones
Writing Center Coordinator

What do you enjoy most about writing centers?

Writing centers give students a place to find their voices. In writing centers, writers try out different approaches and styles, and the feedback provided by tutors gives these writers many options. In this way, writing centers don't narrow a writer's approach; rather, they broaden it. This, then, allows students to choose the best options for their individual voices, assignments, audiences, and arguments. Writing centers create more versatile writers.

Melissa Slayton

What do you enjoy most about writing?

Writing gives people an opportunity to express themselves and connect to others. There is nothing I hate more than having a feeling I can't express, or a thought I can't put words to. I believe that the more efficiently you can write, the more you can apply your ideas to your life. While a painter might need dozens of colors for a picture, a writer's tools—such as the ability to write clearly, honestly, and vividly—can be acquired simply by putting in enough time and not giving up.


Sydney Walmsley

What do you enjoy most about writing?

Writing, to me, is the utmost form of expression. And refining the ability to fully express oneself through that medium allows not only for full human contact and vocalization, but full humanity itself. History, philosophy, humanity, identity, and exploration can be found and understood without fear of time and corrosion when writing is at its pinnacle. Writing is, fundamentally, the closest means to escaping dimensional bonds to reach out and touch one another's hearts.

 Stachia Bennett

What do you enjoy most about writing?

I enjoy the challenge writing poses. Writing requires thought, creativity, attention to detail and, most importantly, discipline. No matter how much the computer cursor taunts me, I experience a great sense of accomplishment after completing assignments I thought would have overwhelmed me.



















Kyler Campbell

What do you enjoy most about writing centers in general?

I love sitting down with students and working together on a paper or general writing techniques. There's something very inspiring about finding a solution or expressing ideas through a back and forth dialogue. For me, it's the interactivity that makes the writing center a unique experience.


Kristen Jackson

What do you enjoy most about writing?

I enjoy writing because it gives me the ability to express my thoughts and ideas. When I write, there is a feeling of freedom and power that comes with each word. There are no limits or boundaries when I write, which is a balm for my mind and soul. Whether I am writing an analysis on a great piece of literature, or merely scrawling my thoughts and feelings into a notebook, I obtain a great joy and sense of freedom from this small, artistic act of expression.


Stacy Cameron

What do you enjoy most about writing centers?

Writing centers are a helpful place for all types students to get help with a variety of writing issues. Tutors may see some students having a tough time just getting started with an assignment or those who have finished a writing assignment but may have questions about organization or development. It's also a great place for native and non-native speakers of English who have questions about grammar and other language use concerns.

Want to Become a Tutor?

The Writing Center employs both Student Tutors and Professional Tutors (tutors with undergraduate degrees or higher).

Any student interested in becoming a tutor should contact Prof. Jeremy Jones (jbjones@csuniv.edu). To qualify, a student must provide a recommendation from an English professor; have an overall GPA of 3.0 (with a 3.5 in English courses); have completed English 111, 112, and either 202, 203, or 204; pass a grammar test; and attend a training seminar.

To apply to be a Professional Tutor, please find the application and criteria here: >Apply here

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